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To the new ‘Fashionista Hijab’ culture, 

For the past couple of years, there has been a huge increase in hijabi fashion including online shopping sites, to new stores opening across the US to fashion shows taking place. Where as this is all great and dandy and supporting Muslim businesses is something we should all partake in, this new fashionista hijab culture can sometimes make us forget the real reason behind hijab. Hijab is much more internal than the external piece of cloth on your head, sisters. It is a change of heart, the haya’ must enter the heart before modesty can truly be reflected from outside.

Thus, today you see sisters who wear hijab, but skin tight jeans flaunting their behinds, faces caked in make up, with Muslim ‘boyfriends’, tights, even half their legs showing but that piece of cloth is still there- but at that point its nothing more than cloth, just an external piece of fabric.

We have reduced the meaning and beauty of hijab to fashion and color matching and hijab style tutorials but it is much deeper than that. Hijab was and is the modesty of Maryam, alayhisalam whose haya’ was so amazing that it encompassed her entire character.

Hayaa’ is speech, hayaa’ is proper covering of your body, hayaa’ is being aware of Allah when you’re interacting with the opposite gender, hayaa’ is knowing your limits and boundaries. Hayaa’ is a shift of the heart to something more beautiful that what we’re fed in magazines and tv. Hayaa’ and Hijab are a liberation to us Muslim sisters but only if we make it that way. May Allah give us internal haya so that the external reflects its beauty as well inshaa’Allah. 

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